Tampa Fishing Charters Update

Fly fishing for snook has been on fire.  I’m convinced that if the fly is the right size, and you wiggle it correctly, they will always take it.  Yesterday I caught twenty or more on the fly – my guest caught 12 or more. These fish along with many other species are seeking warm water refuges. Deep holes, powerplants, and any place with warmer water are a the best spots to find snook. If you want to learn how to catch snook, on live bait, artificial, or fly now is a great time to do it… especially from a kayak.

The flats are holding good numbers of speckled trout and redfish.  If you have a group of 3 or more that’s an ideal fishing excursion; otherwise, for small groups I advise you to come fish way in the backcountry in the sit on top kayaks… It’s a super up close and personal experience with nature that will surely get you hooked. -Capt Nofi 727.253.9913

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