Tampa Fishing Charters report

These past few days the wind has been blowing relentlessly at 15-20mph. Offshore fishing has been ruff and bumpy, some days have been spectacular others sub-par.  Inshore fishing has been good on flounder, trout, and Redfish.  The spanish mackerel were schooling up really good before this wind came along on thursday, they should be out there in full force again these next few days hopefully.  Big bonita are still around and are biting best within a few hours of sunrise or sunset… Good fresh sashimi/sushi meat.

Today I had a kayak charter in 17mph winds with a fun couple from Lakeland. We got off to a slow start. The tide was slack until around 8:30AM and as the day began to warm up we caught about a dozen Flounder, and only 1 trout and 1 redfish.  None of the boats fishing today we’re catching anything for the most part. For whatever reason flounder were the only species consistently biting today. These past few days have required 2x as much work on my part, to catch 1/2 the amount of fish. I’m looking forward to the winds calming down, and the fish getting back to their aggressive fall feeding patterns. I think tomorrow is going to be really good, as well as the week ahead.  Call me and let’s go fishing! -Capt Nofi