Tampa Fishing Charter Report Oct 19th

Writing this at 1:27AM. Had a fly fishing charter tonight the snook were chewing for a few hours my client caught his fair share and we called it a night.  Offshore: My business partner fished offshore this morning and has been out all week. Today there were some big flounder caught unexpectedly, along with a bunch of spanish mackerel.  Grouper and grunts are the normal catch offshore and have continued to bite consistently.

Inshore I’ve been on schools of tailing redfish early in the AM with good numbers of speckled trout biting on topwater plugs and artificial lures. Bonita are beginning to dissapear and Spanish mackerel are taking their place.  It’s only a matter of time before the big Kingfish arrive! Give me a buzz and let’s get out there! -Capt Jesse 727.253.9913


Tampa Kayak Fishing Report Oct 16th

Client from NYC showed up at 8:30 AM for our kayak charter this morning.

He flew in on a plane 5AM & we fished from 9-11AM sticking 10 flounder and more than 40 speckled trout.  After that we took a half hour break.  Worked some mullet schools wound up sticking a redfish, a few jack crevelle, and another trout.  The bite today was much better with calm winds as compared to this past week with a constant 15-20mph wind. Fish are getting into the fall feeding patterns and the negative low tides are making it easy to find fish stuffed up in deep cuts and in potholes. Making for great days of kayak fishing in Tampa, FL.                       Contact: Capt Jesse Nofi 727.253.9913

Tampa Fishing Charters report

These past few days the wind has been blowing relentlessly at 15-20mph. Offshore fishing has been ruff and bumpy, some days have been spectacular others sub-par.  Inshore fishing has been good on flounder, trout, and Redfish.  The spanish mackerel were schooling up really good before this wind came along on thursday, they should be out there in full force again these next few days hopefully.  Big bonita are still around and are biting best within a few hours of sunrise or sunset… Good fresh sashimi/sushi meat.

Today I had a kayak charter in 17mph winds with a fun couple from Lakeland. We got off to a slow start. The tide was slack until around 8:30AM and as the day began to warm up we caught about a dozen Flounder, and only 1 trout and 1 redfish.  None of the boats fishing today we’re catching anything for the most part. For whatever reason flounder were the only species consistently biting today. These past few days have required 2x as much work on my part, to catch 1/2 the amount of fish. I’m looking forward to the winds calming down, and the fish getting back to their aggressive fall feeding patterns. I think tomorrow is going to be really good, as well as the week ahead.  Call me and let’s go fishing! -Capt Nofi


Tampa Deep Sea Fishing Charter | Deep Sea Fishing Tampa | Fishing Charter

Had a Tampa deep sea fishing charter recently… got some cell phone footage!

Our Tampa deep sea fishing charters are an absolute blast.  You never know when a giant school of Sharks will come swimming over the reef! These 4ft size schooling sharks are tons of fun and sometimes provide a 2-3 hour consistent bite of non stop action. The best day I had this summer on a targeted shark fishing charter, we caught 70 in 4 hours.  We never had to leave the inlet…

Mike from TN caught 20 sharks to 5 feet in length this day.

There’s nothing that compares to deep sea fishing Tampa, FL!

Captain Nofi – 727.253.9913


Here’s a giant nurse shark from last week.  Somewhere in the 200lb range.

Tampa Deep Sea Fishing Charter | Deep Sea Fishing Tampa

Tampa Fishing Charters | Aug & Sept Fishing Report 2012

Here’s an up to date report for our Tampa fishing charters; Fishing is hot!

With a recent change in water temperature the fish have become more Active and Aggressive. Monster schools of glass minnows are being chased and eaten by blue runners, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, bonita, and tarpon.  Big bull sharks, and various species of shark are feeding heavily this month with black tips and Atlantic sharp nose to 5+ feet in length. Fishing within a few hours of sunrise or sunset has proven to be the best time for catching Bonita and Mackerel.

 Here’s John from GA with a Bonita he caught on a Docs goofy jig.

Tampa Fishing Charters |Tampa Bay Fishing Charters
Bonnethead sharks are fun on light tackle and we’ve been catching plenty on our Tampa fishing charters.  Here’s one of my clients from Virginia with a decent bonnethead shark.  Bonnetheads are the most prevalent shark in the Hammerhead family for the Tampa, FL area.  Our best shark charter this summer yielded 70+ Sharks with 3 or more pushing 5 feet in length.  For big groups, shark fishing charters, or fishing the big schools of mackerel and Bonita can provide consistent action on the right tides. When these species aren’t showing, we chase after Snook, Redfish, Flounder, Black drum, and other species.
Capt Jesse Nofi | Tampa Shark Fishing


Wednesday last week I had a day off so I did some wade fishing for Snook with my good friend Kenny. First cast he caught this this big Florida Redfish and it was only a short while before the Snook would chew on the crazy fast new moon tides.

Tampa Deep Sea Fishing | Deep Sea Fishing Tampa 2


After we each caught two snooks in the 8-10lb class range I reached into the Live well for a Large live bait. A 10 inch or 1lb live Pigfish was my bait.  First cast, 5 seconds later, THUMP, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Line peeling off the reel fast. Fish jumps a good 2 feet in the air, 180* Spin, Comes down nose first and takes off towards a submerged piling to try and get away. It was an epic battle.Deep Sea Fishing Tampa | Tampa Deep Sea Fishing
Overall, Snook fishing has been on fire.  We’ve been able to catch a few each charter without specifically targeting them. Common by catch while Snook fishing includes Flounder, Redfish, Speckled trout, and often Grouper when fishing around heavy structure or near shore rock piles.

Kohl from Alabama caught this big flounder last week towards the end of our charter.  We wound up getting some Snook and hit a few inshore rock piles for grouper before we ended the day with this flounder.
Tampa Fishing Charter | Deep Sea Fishing Tampa

Monster black drum are still around and a Target for summer. They take a big bait and fight like a small truck.  Here’s Brian from Gainesville with his. One is usually enough for each guest. After one of these you’ll be pretty tired out.

Tampa Fishing Charter | Tampa Deep Sea Fishing

Offering both Inshore, and Offshore fishing for up to Six Guests. Multiple boats available to accomodate for parties of up to 18 Persons.

Our rates start at $300 for 2 persons and $50 per extra person.
(You can also add an extra hour for $50.00)

If interested call Jesse @ 727.253.9913

For the Tampa fishing charter of a lifetime.

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